Toyota Ergo 17D Sewing Machine



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The Ergo 17D is a single dial, 17 stitch machine. Stitch selection includes stretch stitches and a 4 step button hole. It has a built in needle threader.

Standard Stitches & Decorative Stretch Stitches
17 Stitch Programmes
1-2-3-4. Buttonhole
5-6. Zigzag Stitch
7-8. Straight Stitch
9. Straight Stitch (Left Position)
10. Blind Hem Stitch
11. Decorative Stitch Overcasting
12. Decorative Stitch
13. Reinforced Straight Stitch (Center)
14. Overlock Stretch stitch, decorative stitch
15. Double Overlock decorative stitch
16. Mending Stitch
17. Decorative Stitch